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Enjoy These 8 Movies And Shows On Your Hulu Service This Month.

Enjoy the most popular 8 TV shows and movies on your Hulu service this month.

  1. Columbus: This show is related to a talented and smart Co-star John Cho, who lives in Columbus and works as a translator with the Lu Richardson. One day, he meets a lady named ‘Casey’ in the hospital where his father was admitted as he had gone into a coma due to some illness. He started loving her and they soon started caring for each other. How their daydreaming turned into reality. You can watch this on the show.
  2. My mad fat diary: This is a drama played on a British girl who is 16 years old named Roe Earl. She is admitted to the hospital due to her mental illness and she makes her friend feel as if she is in abroad and living a luxury life. She always tries to hide her illness from her friends.
  3. Too funny to fail: This show is directed and produced by a person who has tried to telecast the same program earlier as well but it resulted in complete failure due to multiple reasons. Now, Dana Carvey is launching the show which is full of comedy and fun. He has added new guest in the show named, Stephen Colbert. His appearance in the show will definitely allure more and more viewers.
  4. Fix Upper: This show is about the married couples Joana and Chip who are very talented and smart. They work on the thought, ‘If it ain’t broke, it needs a fix’. The couple always does the social welfare of their neighbors like they take them to the hospital for proper treatment of illness. They even encourage their children to be on the same line and help the needy people living in their dwelling.
  5. The Ramen girl: This is you can say sad story, related to the girl who lives in Japan and was left by her boyfriend. She works in a ramen shop located on the main street. She works as a helper there who helps in preparing food for the guests.
  6. Selfie: In this show, you will come to know the humor, romance, and drama played by Eliza Dooley, who in a day got aware of the whole world after taking assistance from the assistant named Henry Higgs. Eliza was basically a social worker.
  7. Bride and prejudice: As the name reflects, this is a novel written by Jane Austen which later on dubbed to a movie with proper scenes and live actions. You will find music with proper colors and dancing girls on the stage in this movie. If you are in relationship with someone, then this is must watch the show.
  8. Travel Man: In this show, there is a British Man who traveled across the different parts of the world with celebrities and chief guests. The British person whom we are talking about is ‘Richard Ayoade’. The celebrities who accompany him in his journey to different parts of the world are Paul Rudd, Greg Davies, Chris O’ Dowd and Rebel Wilson. This is a short story and nothing can be better than this story if you want to learn how to travel each part of the world in just 48 hours.

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