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How To Block Ads For Hulu Plus, YouTube & Pandora In iOS 7?

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Have you ever given a thought as to what is common between Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Pandora? It’s the Ads, and a lot of them. Seeing a couple of advertisements is not much of a problem, but when you are bombarded with a torrent of ads every time you watch something on your devices. This makes the devices old and slow quicker than the average speed, and even force you to delete the applications.

But, you can avoid seeing those ads by using ad blockers. But, this method is only going to work if your device is jailbroken. It is tough to jailbreak Apple iPhone, and if you are using a locked phone, then you will not be able to find reliable ad blockers in the iOS App Store. While there are many 3rd-party browsers that block advertisements, but there is no ad-block that block ads in applications directly.

But, there is one application by the name of ‘Weblock for iOS’, which allows users to block unwanted online content, which could be popups, banner ads, user-tracking, statistics and so on.

Besides these, the app can be used to block a number of services like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and similar mediums from websites in order to safeguard your personal information. Moreover, you can block ads in a number of other apps such as Hulu Activate Plus, YouTube, and Pandora.

Blocking ads in iOS 7 through Weblock:

After you’ve downloaded and installed the application from the iOS app store, you are going to see that there are some specific ad servers, which are automatically blocked. You can view from Generic AdServers and AdServers.

But, you are not going to see any ad getting blocked as of now, so you will have to tap ‘three-line menu’, which you can find on the top-left corner of the screen. After that, select ‘Setup’ from which, you are going to see the information on how to open up the settings & type in a proxy URL. This is going to be used by Weblock to find another route for any ad requests through ‘dummy’ proxy.

You can go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Wi-Fi’ > ‘Select your Wi-Fi network’ > ‘Set HTTP Proxy to Auto’. After that, you need to paste the link followed by restarting your smartphone.

How to block ads in Hulu Plus and Pandora?

If you are looking to block ads in your Hulu+ and Pandora app, then tap on ‘Block Hulu ads’ and ‘Block Pandora ads’. Make sure the check boxes corresponding to both the options have a tick mark. After you see the tick mark, you need to restart both apps along with your device.

In Hulu+, you are going to see a black loading screen in place of advertisements. If you want to skip this, you need to tap and, then choose the following scene after the advertisements manually in order to skip.

A number of times you are going to see the advertisement being frozen, which is due to some bugs present in Hulu+ ad blocker. So, in that case, you need to force-close the application and then, open it again once you see that happening.

Blocking advertisements in YouTube App

To block YouTube ads, you can easily find an option, but you can’t enable it. A majority of users has reported problems while selecting the option to enable ad block, but the ads were blocked by using Weblock.

So, you can use the same app to block ads on YouTube. It works perfectly and there are no bugs to deal with.

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