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How To Configure The Parental Controls For Hulu Streaming Service?

If you don’t want your child to watch the same content you have watched which are meant for adults only, then you can set parental controls on your Hulu account.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to set parental controls on major streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Go due to the reason that some content available on these platforms are meant for adults only and you don’t want to allow your kids to watch same explicit content.

According to the recent survey done by the Market Watch, it has been seen that Netflix is planning to outreach across the whole world by developing new and new strategies. However, some limitations also going side by side. On one side it is increasing the running cost and on the other side it is acting as a great challenge to its rivals.

According to the market survey, Amazon is at the top of the list of streaming services these days. Other channels like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO are also trying their best to come out with something special for their users. They are offering the best quality videos and movies.

Now, let’s discuss how you can set up parental controls on all these streaming services.

Netflix: In Netflix channel, you can set up parental controls through a mobile app even. You can divide the content according to different age groups like Kids, teens and adults. If you are a parent and want to configure your own profile, then it is possible in Netflix.

The main drawback in Netflix is; you can’t create a password for your Netflix account which means anyone can access the account without any password but you can set a PIN or password for parental settings.

Amazon video: In Amazon video, the user can set a PIN for videos you purchased. Parents have the option to block MPAA rating or specific categories like Family, teen and mature.

If your kids use a different device, then you can block the device as well. The steps to block the device are available online. You can set a pattern or PIN lock for device lock.

What is not available in it? You will not find a separate profile section for kids in the Amazon video like that in Netflix.

Hulu plus: The policy term is totally different in Hulu plus. You can watch mature content only if you are above 17. The parents can easily block the content by entering the age below 17 in the kids’ profile. The profile will automatically log out when any child below 17 will try to watch the content through it. When you play content, it will first ask to enter the age as well as password.

There is a different channel available for family and kid as well as for youngsters. In Hulu plus, a complimentary kids profile is given to the Hulu subscriber.

What’s not available in it?

You will not find the parental controls section directly on Hulu plus, so kids can easily reach their parent’s profiles and watch content.


The parental controls of this streaming service are best-in-class. From the settings menu, parents can set a lock for content streaming. The kids cannot open restricted content without entering the password. The kids content can be viewed without password rest all will ask password.

No specific kids section or profile is available on Sling. This is the only drawback of this streaming service.

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