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How To Do Away With Hulu Error 5003 Spotted On Apple TV And PlayStation Screen?

The steps are all about fixing the Hulu error 5003 from the Apple and PlayStation 4 screen. If you are not being able to catch the live content on your Apple TV from Hulu streaming channel, then follow the steps to remove error 5003 from it.

When it comes to watching favorite shows from Hulu on Apple TV or PlayStation screen, then the common or the most frustrating error that distracted our mind from the screen is ‘Hulu Error 5003’.  This error code doesn’t allow you to continue with the streaming of your favorite show. If you are getting the same error code on the screen, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Before troubleshooting further, we want you to check the internet connection properly. If it is not working, then you won’t be able to play content through Hulu. You can contact your internet service provider in this case or if it is working, then check the Hulu servers.

After checking the connection, check the frequency of getting this error. If it is occurring again and again, then check the page. Check if the Hulu code is activated or not. If not, then you may get this trouble.

Pausing video in the middle may lead to this error code on the screen. The streaming will be stopped immediately. From here, you need to first fix the error then continue watching the show.

How to do away with the error spotted on PlayStation and Apple TV?

The following steps can be implemented to fix Error 5003 from the Apple TV and PlayStation screen. If you find any problem thereafter, you can contact experts.

  • Check the network on the device whether the internet is working properly on the Apple TV or not.
  • Turn off the router and restart it.
  • Check if there is any latest update available for the Apple OS. Download it from the device and install it. It will take 15-20 minutes.
  • Restart the Hulu app and check if it is started working or not.
  • If more than one device is connected to the network, then check the network speed by disconnecting all the other devices from the network. If you are still facing the problem, then the problem is from You have to first diagnose the problem then troubleshoot accordingly.

How to remove error from PlayStation4?

  • If you are getting the same error on PlayStation4, then the best way to do away with this problem is troubleshooting the internet connection.
  • If the network is OK, then proceed to the next step by disconnecting the router and the modem. Reconnect it after a gap of 20 seconds.
  • Disconnect all the devices which you have connected to the same wireless network. It will free up the bandwidth and speed of the network.

If the problem still exists, then the last resort to every problem; uninstall the Hulu app from the PS4 and re-install it from scratch. This will fix the problem.

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