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How To Troubleshoot ‘Commercials Not Loading’ Problem On Hulu Screen?

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Commercials on are a part of Hulu streaming. If you are not able to enjoy ads or commercials during the break, then there is some problem at Hulu end or at your end. We are now going to tell you the tips for different scenarios.  You must match your problem with the given scenario first, then troubleshoot it accordingly.

  • Some ads available but some not.
  • No commercials playing on one browser but playing smoothly on another one.
  • No commercials at all on any browser.

Now, let’s discuss each scenario in details:

Some commercials are playing on but some are not

If you are encountering this problem on your page, then follow the steps mentioned here as under to troubleshoot it.

I. Check the version of adobe flash player installed in your computer. If a new update is available for the player, then download it. You can download the flash player update online from any browser.

II. If the flash player is up to date in your browser, then clear the cache and old files from the browser by deleting the preferences from the browser. When you delete all your preferences, all the login details will be flashed out from the browser settings.

III. Check the internet speed on your browser: If the connection speed is not proper or static, then you may find a problem in streaming ads on your Hulu screen. Hulu content will not even play on a screen with poor internet speed. To test the ping on your internet, click on ‘Ping’ from test link. You will get a result on the screen. If it is less than 50 pings Ms, then there is a problem with the internet. Now, check the connection speed by typing Speed test in the URL space. All the downloading and uploading speeds will be displayed on the screen. If the results don’t match with the required speed figures, then you need to contact internet service provider.

No ads on one browser but plays on another browser

  • To rectify this problem, check if any ‘Ad-blocking’ software or plugin is installed in your browser. You can check the installed plugins from the browser settings menu. Most of the times, the setting option is given on the right top corner of each browser.
  • If you have no knowledge about ad blocking software, then you can visit Ad block website.

Chrome: A 3 dotted line in the top right corner.

Firefox: Open ‘Tools’ then Add-ons.

Edge: Go to ‘Dots’ then on ‘Extensions’.

Internet Explorer: Open ‘Internet options’ followed by ‘Manage add-ons’.

Safari: Go to ‘Help’ section from the home screen.

No commercials at all on any browser

This is one of the common problems with If you are facing problem in streaming ads on any browser, then you must troubleshoot it through following steps.

I.Check for Antivirus program if installed on your laptop or computer. This sometimes keeps on blocking the ads or commercial due to security reasons or with the view to protect your computer from harmful viruses. There is a number of antivirus programs available online like AVG, Kaspersky, and Quick heal, McAfee and many more. Disable the program for a while from the system tray and check if the problem gets resolved or not.

Check restrictions from ‘Windows Firewall’ option. If any restriction is enabled, then disable it at once.

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