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How You Can Enjoy Hulu New Live TV Program With Cable?

You may be late to the party but nothing has been beyond your reach for enjoying the new attempt launched by giant on cable TV. Recently Hulu launched a beta version for live TV program which was priced at $40 a month. The company was offering live broadcasts from more than fifty different channels along with the own network originals, on-demands, and exclusives. This announcement by the company was proven major blow for its rival companies in the cable industry.

There is always a fight with its rivalry namely Netflix and big cable. If we talk about live and on-demand competitors, then they are DirecTV now, PlayStation Vue and YouTube. All these services are offering the same package at the same rate with the intent to eliminate cable connection. Out of these, PlayStation Vue is offering the largest number of channels as compared to other competitors. Whereas, Hulu is offering a complete catalog for on-demand television access. It comprises of Handmaid’s Tale and other 50 different channels from the country.

According to the Hulu officials, Switching from on-demand to Live TV may be a flawless experience which is why they are offering totally a new interface that includes all the TV shows from the new and old catalog. We can say, the new interface is beyond our expectations.

According to our opinion, these steps have been taken by the company in order to allure the existing customers so that they feel satisfied with the offerings. They are providing the live program along with the normal on-demand programs available with the basic package. The new interface looks dashing and will surely attract your eyes but if you want to control it physically through remote, then it may be difficult for you because the design and navigation menus are totally revamped. The app is still available in a beta version which clearly indicates that you may face occasional bugs and run into an issue.

The good thing about it is that the company is reviewing the interface and getting feedback from the customers. If any changes are required, they may look into it and respond accordingly. As far as its usability is concerned, it is difficult to use but at the same time, we can’t deny the fact that Hulu has made substantial changes to its design. Hulu in its forum post said that they are working on the playback and buffering issue and soon going to come out with some solution.

The interfacing is not the only thing which is improper in the Live TV program, you will find a number of channels irregular according to the local market. The company in reply to this problem has said that it is looking into the matter and will surely find the solution for it if it is not done for consolation. Lack of availability of channels like Starz, AMC Networks, Discovery Communications and Viacom is another drawback of the program. There were rumors on the internet that Hulu is trying to grab the HBO’s exclusive line of content for its program but nothing important as of now.

In last we can say that Hulu sounds well with the Live TV for existing users as well as for those who are curious to cut the cord for the beta program. If you are among the one who wants to hide the card until the right time arrives, then It will be best for you to wait for a while and enjoy Hulu with Live TV.

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