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Whoever Wins The Battle Of Fox Will Get The Most Valuable Price In The Name Of ‘Hulu’.

Comcast and Disney have been outbidding each other for last several months to buy 21st Century Fox. Now, it seems like Disney has been able to seal the final deal. It won’t be too long before you finally see Disney and Fox voting on merging both companies. This could happen anytime this month.

In that deal, one big draw that is on the line is Hulu. Everybody is wondering as to what would happen to Hulu because the two companies that are bidding for Fox has 30% stake in Hulu, and that includes Hulu itself. But, the winner is going to get the majority ownership.

Hulu begins its service 10 years ago and got instantly popular among the users. At that time, many would have believed that Hulu has fewer chances of lasting for too long, but that prediction obviously got wrong. Hulu has reached 20 million subscribers as of now and is going strong. A company buying a streaming app like Hulu will definitely benefit both financially and in terms of user base.

All those companies are seeing it is a great challenge to build an audience from scratch, which is why they all believe Hulu as a valuable prize.

Hulu is a streaming service that not just let viewers watch TV shows that they have by chance missed a night before or go to classic TV shows, but there is a lot of original programming that users can watch, which shows that Hulu is a matured streaming app.

Hulu is incessantly pushing its original content, and to support the company, many advertisement companies have helped Hulu by providing $1 billion in ad revenue.

Hulu has got a great ability to pull in big names, which makes it so attractive to buyers. Hulu is working with some of the most acclaimed Hollywood producers, which shows that the company is aiming big, and is working hard to achieve the success at the highest level. This proves that the company can outbid any technology or network to get the most enticing new concepts.

The owners of Disney know that Hulu is definitely small compared to rivals Amazon Prime and Netflix. To be more precise, Netflix has six times more subscribers than Hulu, and this is due to the out of the US presence of Netflix. Hulu is confined to the United States, which is the main reason as to why it is not being able to compete with Netflix. But, it is just a matter of time before that changes, and Hulu expands its horizons.

It is a pretty much evident that this is the golden age for quality TV, so the company who takes the maximum benefits of this age will engrave its name permanently in the wall of quality digital streaming apps.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are spending billions of dollars to make quality programming. The demand for original TV programming is on the rise, and this is simply because people are bored with the same storyline that they have been forced to see on the established TV networks. Original programming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon has fresh stories and new characters, thus bringing back the lost excitement in users. Investments have been doubled since the time that streaming channels started broadcasting original programming.

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